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Published novels, stories and poems

   Box Sets

The Cloven Land Trilogy, 2016, All eReaders


Engn, 2018, Curiosity Quills Press (reprint)
Witch King, 2016, All eReaders
Wyrm Lord, 2015, All eReaders
Hedge Witch, 2014, All eReaders
Engn, 2013, All eReaders
The Genehunter, 2013, All eReaders

   Short Story Collections

Other Worlds, 2018, All eReaders
Slay Ride, 2014, Kindle
Faces in the Shadows, 2013, All eReaders
Witching Hour, 2013, All eReaders
Spell Circles, 2012, All eReaders
Eccentric Orbits, 2012, All eReaders
Life Cycles, 2012, All eReaders
Perfect Circles, 2012, All eReaders

   Short Stories

Corvus the Mighty, 2018, Glittership Year Two (reprint)
The Waters, Dividing the Land, 2018, Elements of Untethered Realms (reprint)
What the Darkness Is, 2018, Metaphorosis 2017 (reprint)
The Stars are Tiny Lights on a Perfect Black Dome, 2018, Metaphorosis 2016 (reprint)
Corvus the Mighty, 2018, Glittership (reprint)
A Ring, a Ring o' Roses, 2017, Stupefying Stories 18
The Last Trap, 2017, Abyss and Apex
The Waters, Dividing the Land, 2017, Sprits in the Water
What the Darkness Is, 2017, Metaphorosis
Climbing Olympus, 2017, Analog
Body of Work, 2017, Mrs Rochester's Attic (reprint)
A Sarcophagus in Obsidian, 2017, Hypnos Volume 6, Issue 1
Jumpjacker, 2017, Catarsi #20 (reprint, Catalan translation)
B is for Brontësaurus, 2017, D is for Dinosaur
The Stars are Tiny Lights on a Perfect Black Dome, 2016, Metaphorosis
Safe Waters, 2016, Sirens
Nicholas Semper's War, 2016, British Fantasy Society Horizons #3
A Midwinter Sacrifice, 2016, Bards and Sages Quarterly
Anax Britannica, 2016, Mad Scientist Journal
A Distant Glimpse, 2016, The Future Fire
Tag der Erinnerung (Remembrance Day), 2016, Pulpcore Anthology (reprint, German translation)
F is for Frankenstein's Monster, 2016, C is for Chimera
Her Long Hair Shining, 2016, The Great Tome of Forgotten Relics And Artifacts (reprint)
The Day The Books Left, 2015, The Future Fire
Remembrance Day, 2015, Beyond Space Opera (reprint)
Corvus The Mighty, 2015, Vitality (pro)
In The Detail, 2015, Daily Science Fiction (pro)
Ses Longs Cheveux Brillants (Her Long Hair Shining), 2015, Ténèbres (reprint, French translation)
J is for Junker Joe, 2015, B is for Broken
Problem Hair, 2015, Mystic Signals (reprint)
Problem Hair, 2015, The Lorelei Signal
Threads, 2015, Mystic Signals (reprint)
Threads, 2015, Sorcerous Signals (reprint)
Leviathan, 2015, KZine 11
The Thirteenth Labour, 2014, Algernon (reprint, Estonian translation)
The Chronicles of Zer, 2014, Drunk On Writing, The Best of Write1Sub1 Volume 1 (reprint)
Os Hackers do Salto (Jumpjacker), 2014, Nova Fantasia (reprint, Galician translation)
Tag der Erinnerung (Remembrance Day), 2014, Pulpcore (reprint, German translation)
E is for Earth Station Six, 2014, A is for Armageddon
Eighteen Million Butterflies, 2014, Lakeside Circus
Quicksilver's Last Job, 2014, Bards and Sages Quarterly
The Crystalline Eye, 2014, the Dark Expanse game (pro)
The Last Flight of the Carrion Crow, 2014, the Dark Expanse game (pro)
Hellfire Unleashed, 2014, Surviving the Collapse - the Dark Expanse anthology (pro)
If You Could Choose One Day, 2014, Perihelion SF
Jumpjacker, 2013, Perihelion SF
Last Train To Morden, 2013, Ether Books
Professor Pandemonium's Train Of Terror, 2013, 2nd Stupefying Stories Annual Horror Special
Lord Lion's Design, 2013, KZine 7
A Mote in the Void, 2013, Lovecraft eZine 2012 Megapack (reprint)
Threads, 2013, Bards and Sages
Malware, 2013, Perihelion
Remembrance Day, 2013, Kindle (reprint)
Seek Alternative Route, 2013, Kindle (reprint)
The Tale of the Dog, 2013, Spaceports and Spidersilk
Live from the Continuing Explosion, 2012, Catarsi #9 (reprint, Catalan translation)
The Standing Stones of Erelong, 2012, Not Just Rockets and Robots (reprint)

A Mote in the Void, 2012, Lovecraft eZine #17
Bones are Rising to the Surface, 2012, Dark Fiction #12 (reprint)
The Chronicles of Zer, 2012, Electric Spec Volume 7 #3
Slieau Whallian, 2012, Electric Spec Volume 7 #1
Museum Beetles, 2012, Kindle (reprint)
Her Long Hair Shining, 2012, Abyss and Apex
The Standing Stones of Erelong, 2011, Ether Books (reprint)
Her Pale Smile, 2011, Electric Spec Volume 6 #4
The Standing Stones of Erelong, 2011, Daily Science Fiction Stories of August 2011 (reprint)
The One Thousand, One Hundred and Eleven Gates to Faerie, 2011, Kaleidotrope #13
The Standing Stones of Erelong, 2011, Daily Science Fiction (pro)
Museum Beetles, 2011, The Journal of Unlikely Entomology #1 (reprint)
Seek Alternative Route, 2011, Spilling Ink: Volume 1 (reprint)
Good Vibrations, 2011, The Kimota Anthology (reprint)
Live from the Continuing Explosion, 2010, Ether Books (reprint)
She'd Always Loved To Travel, 2010, Ether Books
Seek Alternative Route, 2011, Ether Books (reprint)
Guitar Heroes, 2010, Kindle (reprint)
Remembrance Day, 2010, Electric Spec Volume 5 #3
Seek Alternative Route, 2010, Spilling Ink Review #2
Live from the Continuing Explosion, 2010, Kindle (reprint)
22nd Century Genie, 2010, Jupiter #28 (Autonoe)
Museum Beetles, 2009, The Best of Abyss and Apex #1 (reprint)
Sunken Bells, 2009, Bottom of the World #3
The Wind Singing in the Wires, 2009, Serendipity #14
Flotsam, 2008, Serendipity #12
Body of Work, 2008, Raw Edge #26
Perfect Circles, 2007, Zahir #14
Live from the Continuing Explosion, 2007, Albedo One #33
The Thirteenth Labour, 2006, Jupiter World Press
Flickering Pictures Hypnotise, 2005, Here and Now #7
Museum Beetles, 2005, Abyss and Apex
Guitar Heroes, 2005, Here and Now #5/6
Holy Mountains, 2005, Quantum Muse
The Long Walk, 2003, Albedo One #27
The Great Melody, 2003, Redsine #10
In the Hour of Chaos, 2002, Cold Print #6
Earthworks, 2002, Nemonymous #2
Good Vibrations, 2001, Kimota #12
Ultima Thule, 2000, Visionary Tongue
Midnight in the Room of Clocks, 1999, The Bloody Quill #6 (reprint)
Lost in a Good Book, 1999, Millennium SF and F
Midnight in the Room of Clocks, 1999, The Inflated Graveworm
Bones are Rising to the Surface, 1999, Visions


The Clockwork King, 2017, All eReaders
The Clockwork King, 2016, The Colored Lens
Hyrn, 2015, All ebook readers
The Wrong Tom Jacks, 2015, Future City Blues (reprint)
We, The People Of The Clouds, 2014, Kindle (reprint)
We, The People Of The Clouds, 2013, Ruined Cities anthology
Boneyard, 2013, Kindle
A Soldier of Megiddo, 2013, Kindle
The Clone who Didn't Know, 2012, Kindle
The Zombies of Death, 2012, Kindle
The Wrong Tom Jacks, 2012, Kindle
The Bitter End, 2011, Jupiter #34 (Euporie)
A Sorcerous Mist, 2010, Mirror Dance (reprint)
The Armageddon Machine, 2010, Kindle (reprint)
The Great Forbidding, 2008, SpecFicWorld Featured Fiction (reprint)
The Final Machine, 2005, Deep Magic #41
A Sorcerous Mist, 2005, Deep Magic #37
The Great Forbidding, 2001, Beyond The Rose #3

   Flash Fiction

Investments, 2018, The Arcanist: Year One (reprint)
Investments, 2018, The Arcanist (reprint)
Bean Sí, 2017, Every Day Fiction
Your Call May Be Recorded For Training Purposes, 2017, Stupefying Stories
The Infestation, 2017, Enter the Apocalypse
Congratulations on the Purchase of Your new Universe!, 2016, Proza (reprint, Russian)
Lost: One Tabby Cat, 2016, Mad Scientist Journal
The First New Year Resolutions She'd Ever Written, 2015, Boston Literary Magazine
For All Time, 2015, Perihelion
Congratulations on the Purchase of Your new Universe!, 2015, Daily Science Fiction (pro)
Welcome to Vega IV!, 2015, Devilfish Review
ComStar-88B, 2015, A Story In 100 Words
The Magister's Clock, 2015, Fantasy Scroll (reprint)
And Now The Zombie Forecast, 2015, Hysterical Realms
Aggy, 2015, Fine Linen (pro)
Judgement Day, 2015, Apocrypha and Abstractions
A Box of Photographs, 2015, Quarter Reads (reprint)
Her Father's Eyes, 2015, Acidic Fiction #1: Corrosive Chronicles (reprint)
Investments, 2015, Concatenation (reprint)
Demonic Summoning, Ratings and Reviews, 2015, Quarter Reads (reprint)
A Troublesome Speck, 2015, Quarter Reads (reprint)
Investments, 2015, Fantastic Stories of the Imagination (reprint)
Adrift, 2015, Vine Leaves Literary Journal
Viral, 2014, Stupefying Stories
Panopticon, 2014, Stupefying Stories
The Hunter and The Hunted, 2014, Vampires Suck
Dog Days, 2014, Postcard Shorts
Her Father's Eyes, 2014, Acidic Fiction
Investments, 2014, Nature (pro)
Meteorology For Beginners, 2014, Allegory (reprint)
Christmas Decorations, 2014, Bards and Sages Quarterly
The Seven Deadly Sins, 2013, Flash Fiction Fest 2013
The Brass Door, 2013, Flash Fiction Fest 2013
Envy, 2013, Flash Fiction Fest 2013
Gluttony, 2013, Flash Fiction Fest 2013
Greed, 2013, Flash Fiction Fest 2013
Lust, 2013, Flash Fiction Fest 2013
Sloth, 2013, Flash Fiction Fest 2013
Pride, 2013, Flash Fiction Fest 2013
Wrath, 2013, Flash Fiction Fest 2013
The Sword of Power, 2013, 100 Worlds Anthology
Demonic Summoning, Ratings and Reviews, 2013, Daily Science Fiction (pro)
A Box of Photographs, 2013, Fabula Argentea
The Cat's Tale, 2013, Stupefying Stories
A Troublesome Speck, 2012, Spaceports and Spidersilk
Trick or Treat, 2012, Apocrypha and Abstractions
Pens, 2012, Metazen
Ghosts of American Astronauts, 2012, 100 RPM
The Summoning Words, 2012, The Drabbler
wolF emiT, 2012, Every Day Fiction
Meteorology For Beginners, 2012, The Zahir 2011 Anthology (reprint)
The Magister Clock, 2011, Apollo's Lyre
Snow Angels, 2011, Bent Masses
The Good King, 2011, Ether Books (reprint)
The Good King, 2011, Mirror Dance
The Flying Incredulo, 2011, Apocrypha and Abstractions
Dan Quixote, 2011, Inkspill #5
KeyQuest, 2011, Spaceports and Spidersilk
A Good Drying Day, 2011, Every Day Fiction
Terahertz, 2011, Brain Harvest
Meteorology For Beginners, 2011, Zahir #27
Six, 2010, Ether Books (reprint)
Metal Recycling Here, 2011, Diagonal Proof #2
The Number Six, 2011, It's Only a Number Competition (3rd place winner)
A Door He Didn't Recognize, 2011, WeirdYear
Titania, 2011, Flashquake Volume 10 Issue #3
Lucky Numbers, 2010, Every Day Fiction
Rockets, 2010, WeirdYear
Last Shot of the War, 2010, 50 to 1
The Question, 2009, Help! I Need a Publisher!
Algorhythms, 2005, F/SF #1 (reprint)
Algorhythms, 2001, Anotherealm (reprint)
Algorhythms, 1999, The Zone #8


ebbing suit power, 2016, British SF Association Focus (reprint)
android eyes scanning, 2016, British SF Association Focus (reprint)
metal fingers flexed, 2016, British SF Association Focus (reprint)
his last gift to her, 2015, Scifaikuest
A Sudden Distance, 2015, Page and Spine
Laboured, 2015, Page and Spine
odyssey over, 2014, 7x20
once a thousand years, 2014, 7x20
aliens watching, 2014, 7x20
from high in the sky, 2014, Trapeze Magazine
photographed in stone, 2014, 50 Haikus Volume 1 Issue 2
Standing Stones, 2013, The Silent Stones (reprint)
Ephemeroptera, 2013, Every Day Poets
Sleeps Beneath The Streets, 2013, Cthulhu Haiku 2
Replanting the Great Caledonian Forest, 2013, Bolts of Silk (reprint)
surface of the sun, 2014, Scifaikuest
Crowhaunted, 2013, Every Day Poets
android eyes scanning, 2013, Star*Line
dazzling in the void, 2013, Trapeze Magazine
the aliens land, 2013, Trapeze Magazine
wormhole opening, 2013, Dwarf Stars Anthology 2013 (reprint)
a lunar crater, 2013, Scifaikuest
a snowball planet, 2013, Scifaikuest
bare feet in the snow, 2013, Scifaikuest
brain scanned, 2013, Scifaikuest
cold aphelion, 2013, Abyss and Apex
luminous beings, 2013, Abyss and Apex
stargate opening, 2013, Abyss and Apex
clanging, 2012, Scifaikuest
tending his garden, 2012, Scifaikuest
wormhole opening, 2012, 7x20
orbit decaying, 2012, 7x20
intergalactic, 2012, 7x20
cold aphelion, 2012, 7x20
alien army, 2012, 7x20
rips tearing the sky, 2012, Star*Line
she touches my skin, 2012, Star*Line
Church Clock Chimes Midnight, 2012, Trapeze Magazine
Predators, 2012, unFold
Fireworks, 2012, unFold
ten trillion trees, 2011, Scifaikuest #34
ebbing suit power, 2011, Scifaikuest #34
an orb of blue glass, 2011, Scifaikuest #34
underneath her boot, 2011, Scifaikuest #34
a waiting world and, 2011, Scifaikuest #34
starship back at Earth, 2011, Scifaikuest #34
that first gentle kiss, 2011, Scifaikuest #34
explosions cascade, 2011, Scifaikuest #34
metal fingers flexed, 2011, Scifaikuest #34
they wait in the dark, 2011, Scifaikuest #34
stars fall one by one, 2011, Scifaikuest #34
his new existence, 2011, Scifaikuest #34
on the bioscan, 2011, Scifaikuest #34
a flower unfurls, 2011, Scifaikuest #34
suit air exhausted, 2011, Scifaikuest #34
First Contact, 2011, Microcosms
Shadow Beings, 2011, Microcosms
At Night, When He Sleeps, 2011, Microcosms
The Rose Glow of Dawn, 2011, Three Line Poetry #3
Standing Stones, 2010, Bolts of Silk (reprint)
Coalmining, 2009, Bolts of Silk
', 2009, Bolts of Silk
The Boy who Climbed Trees, 2005, WAH! #4
Unearthed, 2005, Cadenza #13
It Was All Fields Round Here, 2005, Materials of the Mind
Counting all the Bricks in Manchester, 2005, WAH! #1 (reprint)
Calliope on the Street Corner, 2004, The People's Poet Anthology 2005
Standing Stones, 2004, The People's Poet Anthology 2005
Orpheus in the Underpass, 2004, The People's Poet (reprint)
Glass, 2004, The People's Poet
Adrift, 2003, Write-Away!
During the Fall, 2003, Write-Away!
Mid-Atlantic Depressions, 2003, Write-Away!
The Botany of the British Isles, 2003, Write-Away!
Which, 2003, Write-Away!
Orpheus in the Underpass, 2002, 12th Planet
Eagle, 2000, Sepia #63
Leopard, 2000, Sepia #63
Steenbok, 2000, Sepia #63
Rhinoceros, 2000, Sepia #63
Giraffe, 2000, Sepia #63
Elephant, 2000, Sepia #63
Baobab, 2000, Sepia #63
Replanting the Great Caledonian Forest, 1999, Voice and Verse
Blackberrying, 1999, The Affectionate Punch
Counting all the Bricks in Manchester, 1997, First Time
In the Peak Forest, 1995, Helicon #4

   Micro Stories

Trails, 2015, Nanoism
Lists, 2014, Confettifall
The Fare, 2014, Confettifall
Change, 2014, Twiction Addiction
Butterfly, 2014, Twiction Addiction
A Different Sort of Dancing, Altogether, 2014, Twiction Addiction
The Bright City Lights, 2014, Cuento
Do I?, 2014, Cuento
Pieces of her Mind, 2012, 7x20
Life Cycles, 2012, 7x20
A Late Night Call, 2012, Nanoism
Heart Condition, 2012, 7x20
First Step, 2012, Trapeze Magazine
Judgement Day, 2012, Nanoism
Vapour Trails, 2012, 7x20
The Second Apocalypse, 2012, Trapeze Magazine
Repeats, 2012, one forty fiction
The Summoning, 2012, Trapeze Magazine
Lightning Rod, 2012, 7x20
A Zombie Walked Into A Bar, 2012, 7x20
A Loop, 2012, Trapeze Magazine
Black Beetles, 2012, Nanoism
rho-m10, 2011, Trapeze Magazine
Cernunnos, 2011, Trapeze Magazine
The Heart of a Much Younger Man, 2011, Nanoism
Midsummer in the Southern Hemisphere, 2011, one forty fiction
Human Statue, 2011, 140 And Counting
Horoscope, 2011, Seedpod
Shining in the East, 2011, Seedpod
Delivered, 2011, Seedpod
Pregnancy Test, 2011, Cuento
North Wind, 2011, Seedpod
Can't Get The Parts, 2011, Cuento
Bearing Gifts, 2011, Seedpod
The Accusation, 2011, Seedpod
Saved!, 2011, Cuento
Vampyre Slayer, 2011, Trapeze Magazine
Trick or Treat, 2011, one forty fiction
Spoiler, 2011, PicFic
Cerb 'R' Us, 2011, Trapeze Magazine
Introductions, 2011, Seedpod
GSOH, 2011, Seedpod
Small Steps, 2011, 7x20
Just Desserts, 2011, Cuento
Fastest Route, 2011, Nanoism
Many Happy Returns, 2011, 7x20
Warning, 2011, Seedpod
A(mong Rel)atives, 2011, PicFic
Birth (Moth)er, 2011, one forty fiction
Skydiving, 2011, Seedpod
Written in the Stars, 2011, Trapeze Magazine
The Flamingo Dancer, 2011, 7x20
Straight to Hull, 2011, 7x20
Empathetic, 2011, PicFic
Up In Smoke, 2011, 7x20
Planting Plans, 2011, one forty fiction
Distant Bells, 2011, Seedpod
Last Days of Summer, 2011, Cuento
Their Song, 2011, Cuento
An Explosive Relationship, 2011, Trapeze Magazine
Human Statue, 2011, 7x20
Second War of the Worlds, 2011, one forty fiction
The Grandfather Paradox, 2011, Trapeze Magazine
Electrolarynx, 2011, PicFic
Time Dilation, 2011, Trapeze Magazine
The Square on the Hypotenuse, 2011, PicFic
Bonemeal, 2011, 5x5
Mrs. Chadwick, 2011, Cuento
The Lost Art of Conversation, 2011, Cuento
All The Things He'd Never Done With His Life, 2011, Seedpod
Last Words, 2011, Nanoism
wolF emiT, 2011, Trapeze Magazine
Last Laugh, 2011, PicFic
Drink Problem, 2011, one forty fiction
Green Magick, 2011, Trapeze Magazine
The Ghost Train, 2010, Trapeze Magazine (Contest honourable mention)
Bees, 2010, Nanoism
Trompe-l'oeil, 2010, Thaumatrope
Giving Blood, 2010, Thaumatrope
Monsters in the Basement, 2010, PicFic
Scarecrows, 2010, Thaumatrope
Final Day, 2010, Thaumatrope
Ten Million Years, 2010, Thaumatrope
Extinction Events, 2010, PicFic
Angels, 2010, Thaumatrope


Investments, 2018, 600 Second Saga
Corvus the Mighty, 2018, Glittership
Her Long Hair Shining, 2016, Bards and Sages Publishing
A Ring, a Ring o' Roses, 2016, Gallery of Curiosities
The Genehunter #5: Boneyard, 2013, One Acre Audio Books/Audible
The Genehunter #4: A Soldier Of Megiddo, 2013, One Acre Audio Books/Audible
The Genehunter #3: The Clone Who Didn't Know, 2013, One Acre Audio Books/Audible
The Genehunter #2: The Zombies Of Death, 2013, One Acre Audio Books/Audible
The Genehunter #1: The Wrong Tom Jacks, 2013, One Acre Audio Books/Audible
A Mote in the Void, 2012, Lovecraft eZine #17
Bones are Rising to the Surface, 2012, Dark Fiction #12
Titania, 2011, Flashquake Volume 10 Issue #3