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The Clockwork King

Thursday, 1 September 2016

So The Clockwork King is a clockpunk/woodpunk/crystalpunk fantasy story that was intended to be a short story when I began to write it - but which eventually weighed in at a shade over 15,000 words. It's an awkward length to find a home for: too long for most magazines, not long enough for novella/novel publishers. In fact it's been submitted to (and inexplicably rejected by) a total of fourteen markets since I finished it in 2013.

However, I'm thrilled that the fifteenth market I submitted the story to has accepted it. The Clockwork King - the curious tale of Anarvon Astrogale, Borealis Banderwar and Catafar Cursimon (sometimes referred to as the three miraculous homunculi of Endest) - has been bought by The Colored Lens and will be appearing some time this autumn.


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