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The war for Andar begins...

Friday, 29 April 2016

Coming soon: Witch King, book 3 of the Cloven Land trilogy:

The war for Andar begins...

The mighty river An freezes from shore to shore, and the army of horrors from Angere marches across to devour peaceful and beautiful Andar. Cait, Hellen and the others head north to meet the oncoming freeze, hoping to slow the invasion as best they can. At Islagray, Ashen battles to make sense of the reunited Shadow Grimoire, seeking for a way to turn the undain's necromancy against itself, fight dark magic with dark magic. It is a grim and dangerous road.

Meanwhile, in our world, Fer evades Genera and the undain as she undertakes a desperate mission to sever the supply of Spirit being piped into Angere.

But time is running out for both Cait and Fer. Defeat by defeat, inch by inch, Andar is fading. At Islagray, the heart of the land, the last free place, the Song is finally failing and sputtering out...


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