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Witch King

Monday, 28 March 2016

Today I wrote the final words of Witch King - the third book in the Cloven Land trilogy. The book still has to be torn to shreds tweaked and polished by my editor, but it's there. Around a third of a million words of urban fantasy/high fantasy goodness spanning Hyrn, Hedge Witch, Wyrm Lord and Witch King.

A cover is still to come, but here are the chapter headings:

1.   Howl Hill
2.   Witch Hunt
3.   A Single Word Different
4.   Bethany Weerd
5.   Hyrn's Oak
6.   Smoke on the Water
7.   The Lord of Misrule
8.   The Ice Fair
9.   Blood on the Ice
10. Hyrn's Oak
11. The High Walls of Caer L'dun
12. Voices in the Dark
13. To the Centre of the City
14. The Shadow Town Hall
15. A Maze of Streets
16. Leviathan
17. Unquiet Spirits
18. Xoster
19. Crashing to the Ice
20. Across the An
21. Witching Hour
22. Witch King
23. Ran
24. The Fate of More Than One World
25. The Orchard of Witches



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