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Happy Hop Tu Naa!

Friday, 22 October 2010


Ahem. OK, so it's slightly early for Halloween, I know, but I'm taking part in N. R. Williams's Halloween Party this year and besides, it's a time of year I love. Greetings if you're taking part in the party - or even if you're not.

In case you're wondering, Hop-Tu-Naa is what we called Halloween on the Isle of Man when I was a lad. Just thought you might like to know! We didn't have trick-or-treat and we didn't do dressing-up. But we did go round neighbours' houses and sing a particular song - Jinny the Witch - in payment for which we did (sometimes) receive sweets (candy). So I guess it's the same thing. And I've always thought that, one day, I really should write a story based on the tradition ...

Anyways, here are some treats for all my visitors. Hopefully this will prevent any tricks being played in the comments ...

Oh, and next Tuesday's edition of my regular Tuesday Twitter Tale slot has a definite Halloween feel to it. As did last Tuesday's come to that. Do have a read.

Fangs for dropping by!

Thanks also to Luigi Diamanti for the Halloween image.


  1. No costumes Simon but singing instead. I love it. Thanks for participating in the fun.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  2. Thanks N. R. - yes I thought I'd stay a bit traditional Hop Tu Naa ...

  3. Hey Simon - I didn't realise you were a Manx lad - but now I come to think of you of course you are - I should have guessed from your name!

    (My mum comes from Maughold)

  4. Great Halloween Party post! I think it's cool that you sang instead of dressing up and going trick-or-treating.

  5. Kate,

    Small world! Yes, I know Maughold well. I was raised in Onchan although I'm pretty much naturalised English these days ...

  6. Thanks Golden Eagle! Mind you, you haven't heard me sing ...

  7. Hi Manxman,

    Ha, could hear your singing for miles when on approach to the party. I was quite convinced the partygoers were somewhat merry already - airing drunken bawdy (living in hope)- but I couldn't here a fiddle and thought oh, no dancing? But, the goody tin caught my eye, and that of my coachman, so we're more than content! ;)


  8. Oooo yummy looking treats! But what happened to a costume... *pout*

  9. Francine,

    Glad I could satisfy you!




    I know, I know. It's just that we never did the costume thing back then so I was being authentic ...

  10. Yay!! Happy Hop-Tu-Naa to you!!! I would love to celebrate Hop-Tu-Naa as an alternative to Halloween!!

    Now all you have to do is record that song and post it here!! Oh yes you must!! Tis Hop-Tu-Naa afterall!!!

    Of course you must write a Hop-Tu-Naa story!! Take care

  11. hey there- love the idea of singing for sweets! Thanks for posting

  12. Nice to hear the singing just stopping by and following the party :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  13. KK,

    You're most welcome!

    Old Kitty,

    No! Don't make me! I suppose I could strum it on the guitar but I'm not singing it! Those days are gone ...

    Summer and Jules,

    Thanks for dropping by.


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